Posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Hi…ok, so this is kind of funny/random. I entered a 'win a wedding' contest that is bases on votes from people through Facebook. I was hoping for some 'social media' help spreading the word and getting votes (because I'm old and internet illiterate :)

Basically, the premise of the contest is that your friends and family tell the story of your relationship and why you deserve to win (via a Pinterest board)…Then you share it on any form of social media to get people to vote for you (people have to vote once per day through their Facebook account). The voting goes from September 18th (TODAY!) through the 30th and the most votes win.

I was hoping some of you might be interested in taking this little 'spread the word- vote for Geoff and Tawnya' PR project??
I know it sounds silly (and desperate) but actually I like to think of it as more fun and unorthodox *grin* I have fun things to post (like a Puppet rapping about our relationship and silly things like that)

I just thought you might have fun with it *grin* It is really just a fun playful project, if we don't win then, oh well…(I mean, Vegas is always an option, right?!?) …let me know what you think :)

I'm not sure how much time these things take, but I figure a little each day during voting?

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