Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at 11:22 am

Description of items: Over the weekend I will be selling at the Treasure Island Flea Market. I am looking for someone with a vehicle to help me out loading and transporting Me, the merchandise and displays to and from the Flea. The job is as follows; Saturday morning at 7am, come by my place around the corner from Alamo Square. We will load up your vehicle (Takes about 10 min) You drive me to Treasure Island, which at this time of day only takes about 10 min. Once there we unload, about 10 min. Sunday afternoon 4.30 pm. Come to Treasure Island and do it all in reverse. This may take a little longer since there is a bit more traffic going back. So basically each time the job would be about 30 min. The transport is not too big, it includes: One folded up tent. 5 small wooden crates with merchandise, 4-5 boxes of displays, 4 sandbags, 3 bags full of pillows.

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