Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 10:43 am

This isn’t exactly a move, but I need one medium sized (30 pounds?) box picked up from an apartment in SF and taken to a house in Saratoga (near San Jose). Reason is that I’m moving from SF to Switzerland in a few weeks and the movers will clear out my things for shipment on Thursday. I leave for Costa Rica Friday and return to Saratoga before departing for Switzerland, not passing through SF again. I won’t need my European wardrobe in Costa Rica so I just need someone to pick the it up from SF and drop it at my sister’s house in Saratoga so I can get it on my way out again. Ideally, you could keep it for a week and drop it in Saratoga when I’m there again (preferably the 24th or 25th of May), but if you can’t keep a box for a week I could let you know when someone will be home so you can deliver it to Saratoga shortly after pick up from SF. Pick-up is in Russian Hill and drive time to/from Saratoga is about 1 hour each way.

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