Posted on Sunday, November 30th, 2014 at 3:17 pm

greetings…i will be arriving at sfo from being overseas and will have 9 suitcases/dufflebags with me..I arrive from air newzealnd flight nz0008 at 10:55 am international terminal. I need the person to park their car…needs to be a good sized suv…and meet me at baggage claim and help me get the luggage onto carts and load it on the car. I will need a ride to telegraph hill in SF where i have parking..and unload the bags to my pad where there are no stairs and then take my mattress out of the storage unit thats on site and put it in my pad…again no stairs and put a few things into storage…i guess this will take between 4-5 hours total..from the time they leave home until done with the job. please make sure the car is big…an suv and that the person is very very strong…and I’m a very good tipper..thank you..and please no cologne

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