How does College Labor Work For Students?

Students log in and can browse jobs based on Part Time, Full Time, Internships or Temporary work.  Find a job in your area in a category you want and apply for the job! the customer will receive your notice and will follow up with you if they want to work together!

How does College Labor Work For Customers?

Select a category of work you need help in, select Part Time, Full Time, Internships or Temporary work, add a description and pictures if needed and you are good to go! Students will respond to your post to arrange meeting times and discuss the job.

Is College Labor Safe?

Very! unlike most ad sites all students on College Labor are vetted to gurantee they are students and all posts are vetted using security algorithms to ensure that both parties are as safe as possible.

Is College Labor Free To Find Jobs On?

Yes! College Labor is and will always be free for students to find jobs.  All it takes is a FREE account and you can respond to as many posts as you wish

Is College Labor Free For Customers?

College Labor charges customers a small pay to post fee ($5 for Temporary work, $25 for all other work types) that is one time per post.  Any interaction after that initial fee with students is free.


Got a question?

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