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Receive Job Bids

Sit back and wait for our students to bid on your job. You will be notified via email and through texts from our CL team when you receive a job.


Review bids by clicking on the job number to view the students and to accept the job


Pay a small deposit upfront to secure the student’s time and information.


Have the work done, pay the rest to your student in person.

So Helpful… and very Affordable!

“I had a long to-do list, but Kyle from College Labor helped me get it all done in one day. He is a great guy and he really helped me out.”Robert Williams, Happy Customer

Why Use Us?

Save money

None of the extra fees or costs that you get with specialized companies.

Save time

We take care of the hassle. Help is guarenteed or your money back.

Help Students Earn

By supporting your local College community, you are helping young students pay for their tuition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the student helpers employees of College Labor, LLC.?

No. Student Helpers are independent contractors working as entrepreneurs.

Is the Student Helper screened by College Labor?

Yes. All students must submit an application and are interviewed by a member of the College Labor staff.

Who do I pay for my job?

When you agree to a job you pay a small fee that is part of the total cost of the job. When a Student Helper completes the job you pay them directly, minus the initial fee. No hassle!

What if I want the helper to work longer than we originally agreed?

Any further work on the day of a given job can be negotiated between you and the student.

What if there is a problem with my job or my student helper. Is there anyone we can contact?

During your job you will have several ways to contact College Labor if you are having problems. College Labor contact information is provided to all customers upon creation of a job.

Do I need to provide materials, (ie Truck, moving supplies, cleaning supplies)

Our students are able to rent trucks and some supplies but most equipment and materials will have to be supplied by you the customer.

What if I have to cancel my job?

If something comes up and you need to cancel just let us know. Refunds of your fee are only given with 12 hours notice of cancelation.

What if I think my job is too small for College Labor?

College Labor is able to accommodate tasks of all sizes. Send your job through and get an estimate!

For more, check out our About Us page.