Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 11:35 am


College Labor is excited to announce our new partnership with, the leading peer to peer marketplace for storage and parking spaces!

How Does it Work? You can rent out any extra space you have for cash, and let nice people use it for storage or parking. You set the price, control the access, and have final say who gets to rent your space.

Don’t have space? Try to make some! Even a 4’x 4’ space can make $60 to $80 per month. And if you need help making room you can always hire College Labor student helpers πŸ˜‰

To get started, sign up at by clicking the β€˜list your space’ button in the top corner. Its totally free to sign up and Roost will guarantee you earn $100 in your first month, even if the space does not get rented. Just be sure to add ‘COLLEGELABOR’ under payments.

Looking for Storage? Check out their spaces! They have over 500 storage units in the Bay Area starting as low as $40 a month.

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